July 1, 2008

Creative Space

My meeting on the 'how to' of publishing went well! One step down...

Ahhh, hello July! I am so glad that you are here. May and June were wonderful. Full and fun, but I am ready for a bit of relaxed summer days. There are several books I would like to tackle and some creative projects to tend to. Not to mention that there are many veggies and fruits to can and freeze! I'll think on that later. On to other topics...
Last summer we were blessed to have our basement finished, which not only added a space for our schooling {though it really happens all around our home}, but also a creative space for me.

I call it my craft closet, because it literally is a closet that can close and hide the disarray of whatever I'm working on. I enjoy this space so much! A place to unwind, to crank out fresh ideas and to putter around and try them out.

I cannot take credit at all, this was an idea of our builder after hearing me explain a desire for a tucked away space for scrapbooking, sewing and such. I'm grateful for his creativity. Plenty of lighting {I added more with some lamps, which are not turned on in the pics} and lots of shelves, which were an added bonus.

I'm looking forward to using this much more this month. Welcome July!

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