May 29, 2010

snapshots no. 3

saying good-bye to our nature retreat...

a change of pace :: quick stop home and then we headed south to the big city

oh, the joys of childhood :: there's nothing quite like jumping on a hotel bed! 

pictures of 'the big city' to come!  enjoy your weekend, friends....


May 27, 2010

snapshots no. 2

nature center exploration :: moose, coyotes, and other wild things :: extra-long snake skins amazing a little boy ::  trail hikes and walks (begged for by the children!) :: more paddle boat rides :: swimming :: baby feet and hands :: planning for bike rides :: beauty and moonlight

struck by the wonder of it all.


May 25, 2010


UNO games right after breakfast :: paddle boat rides :: have blender, will travel with green smoothies :: in awe of His beauty filling our senses :: sunlight, warmth :: quiet hour activities :: bubbles (enjoyed by Mama as well) :: thinking, talking, sharing :: ideas and plans for our stay here :: excited voices of little ones.....

a pause from the everyday.

May 22, 2010

in the book bag

We're heading out for a week long away-from-home time as a family :: otherwise known as a little vacation.  Flooring is being replaced while we're gone, and that news is very exciting! 

So, the last several days have been spent packing and gathering a few goodies to pass the time next week.  Books for me, a geography outline to help with next year's planning, and some as family read alouds, good stuff.  Oh, I know it's a bit ambitious to think they will all get read through, but one has to have goals right?  We'll see what happens.

enjoy a blessed weekend....

May 5, 2010

‘tis the season

to be jolly…

…about YARD SALES!  or garage sales, or tag sales—whatever the wording may be for your part of the country.  Having lived from the deep South all the way up to the Northeast, I’ve noticed that there are several different names for the event.  Interesting.


I had vowed to fully declutter our home before heading out to search for ‘treasures’ among the discards of others, but well, that hasn’t happened.  I tried…really.  But last Saturday morning found us out and about as the girls decided to join in on the fun.  Homeschooling materials, home decor, summer clothing for the baby…we had a great shopping experience. 

But in an attempt towards frugal living, I am also challenged not to bring stuff home simply because it’s inexpensive; often I have to remind myself that we do not need a particular item.  Saying ‘no’ is a little hard at times! 

photo credit
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