October 29, 2009

so many projects, too little time

Creating and making things for some people may be a stress inducer, but for me it has the opposite effect.  So after a very full schedule last week, I decided to pour through the need-to-finish crafting list that actually never gets fully completed.  What to do, what to do!?

I finally chose a project that would require little effort since I was really supposed to be lying in bed due to flu-like symptoms.  Seen here first, it was one of those projects that got me off the chair and roaming around the house to gather supplies already found in various rooms.  A quick trip to rummage through my sticker stash for rub-on letters and voila!  A new centerpiece for the dining room.  These “grow in gratitude” glass containers will be around for a bit.  And to think I went to the Dayspring website just to send an online card!

       DSC_0004 DSC_0005

I used to reward myself with crafting time, you know, after everything else gets done (or close to it).  It took me a few years to realize that everything rarely ever gets done and that it was frustrating me greatly to not take time for this avenue of creativity.  So, that mentality got changed big-time.  Creating and crafting is now a part of my life more and a part of my schedule as well.  It’s not a special reward, but just what needs to be done like the dishes, cooking or lesson planning.

Most projects are for the family or our home in some way, so I see it as part of homemaking—I budget both time and finances for it, however big or small.  I am a happier woman!  And you know what they say about Mama being happy….


October 26, 2009

soul cries

Oh Father, we miss her. We really do.

And while we do not sit with questions of ‘why’, our soul cries out to You in real pain.

To the One who understands our loss.

This grief is so very small compared to the man who called her wife and the children who’s mother is not there at night. We share in their own soul-cry journey from a distance.

And we miss her too, wishing for just one more trip out west…another opportunity to share with friends. It’s difficult for us to accept that those days are over, her passing to Your eternal glory leaves a void here on earth :: and the living grieve.

Comfort your people, O Lord.

May2007 025

Gratitude today for ~

:: bread pudding. Our favorite ‘Annette recipe’ has not been made quite yet, but yesterday we enjoyed a local taste & recounted memories, with tears yes, but precious memories they remain.

:: early morning conversations~spouse to spouse. enjoyed today and reminding me of how our dear friend would never let us get by with a quick ‘fine’ to the question ‘so, how are things?’ We appreciated it!

:: the opportunity for friendships. deep, real friendships.

{photo ~ so completely Annette! At our last campfire together, May 2007, she says ‘Let’s take pictures at the same time!’ So we did.}


October 19, 2009

grace abounds

autumn leaves

At the start of a very busy week, one filled with many tasks…I first pause to give thanks ::

for sunshine and leaves, both bright and bold

laid-back Sunday afternoon and evening, a simple day

with a ‘funny dinner’ (my children’s words) of homemade bean dip, blue corn chips, popcorn and grapes

hot tea at the end and start of days

Sunday sermon reminder of His love being the foundation for His law, bringing us life

children’s voices, rising & falling :: more of the first than the second, but that’s okay too

for grace :: abundant, lavish, and available

photo credit


October 15, 2009

autumn food planning


There’s always a lot of planning happening around here, and organizing our lives is a major job in itself! One of my favorite parts is when there’s time to leisurely sit (okay, so it’s not all that relaxed) and make plans for our meals. Every once in while though, I feel that preparing & cooking has gotten into a rut :: or just survival mode as I’ve been in the last several weeks post-baby. I’m good with that, it was necessary.

Last week new cookbooks and magazines were taken out to peruse through and I became a little distracted by it all. Not much real meal planning got done. The grocery list remained short with just ‘mushrooms’ and ‘spinach’ as listed items. Ahem. But, it was loads of fun! Which of course makes it completely worthwhile in my book.


Some gems that came my way~

:: A magazine from this company had my attention for most of the hour. I had no idea there were so many cookie molds available, though I won’t be purchasing any in the near future. Beautiful…

:: Rustic Fruit Desserts ~ our local library had this one and what a great cookbook! I really enjoy baking though sweets are not my favorite foodstuff (I’m more a savory type of gal). Lots of information on each berry and fruit for baking cobblers, buckles, crisps and more.

So I was rather unfocused as my family cannot live by cookies and fruit desserts alone. I did look through Simply in Season ~ not new to my shelves, but one that’s not been used for a bit. Great soup ideas here; we can live on that.

This time of year provides for some enjoyable meal plans, all of that great comfort food…yum.


October 9, 2009

9 weeks




nine weeks ago ::

we didn’t know you yet

hadn’t enjoyed your smile

or gurgling newborn sounds

we couldn’t wait for such a long time and now you’re here

as if you’ve always been.


how can we not give thanks?

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