October 26, 2009

soul cries

Oh Father, we miss her. We really do.

And while we do not sit with questions of ‘why’, our soul cries out to You in real pain.

To the One who understands our loss.

This grief is so very small compared to the man who called her wife and the children who’s mother is not there at night. We share in their own soul-cry journey from a distance.

And we miss her too, wishing for just one more trip out west…another opportunity to share with friends. It’s difficult for us to accept that those days are over, her passing to Your eternal glory leaves a void here on earth :: and the living grieve.

Comfort your people, O Lord.

May2007 025

Gratitude today for ~

:: bread pudding. Our favorite ‘Annette recipe’ has not been made quite yet, but yesterday we enjoyed a local taste & recounted memories, with tears yes, but precious memories they remain.

:: early morning conversations~spouse to spouse. enjoyed today and reminding me of how our dear friend would never let us get by with a quick ‘fine’ to the question ‘so, how are things?’ We appreciated it!

:: the opportunity for friendships. deep, real friendships.

{photo ~ so completely Annette! At our last campfire together, May 2007, she says ‘Let’s take pictures at the same time!’ So we did.}

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