Thoughts on Blogging

November 2008

I was in a recent conversation with some women about blogging, which has had me thinking about why I come here to jot down thoughts and record life.

First, let me say that I didn't understand the blog world before :: why would you want to journal to the world?--and seriously, why are we taking pictures of a plate of food or children's antics or a corner of our homes? What is so fascinating about all of that!?

I was more perplexed than judgemental. Intrigued to say the least.

So I began like many other bloggers--to share pictures of my children with family far away. Grandparents, aunts, and other relatives enjoyed the insight to our daily life and connections were strengthened. But then something strange began to happen--an almost metamorphosis kind of experience--

I was liking this blogging world.

In fact, I was soon taking pictures of random items around our home and of the events that touched our lives to share in this online space. I was becoming one of them! And it has been a wonderful & rewarding experience. Here's why~

:: I'm a scrapbooker, but do not have hours a day to put together albums. I wait for the all day scrapping events with friends that are just too few and far between. That said, it's been fulfilling to record our lives here on the blog at a much faster rate {and with more information} than I would have placed in an album anyway! Voila--scrapbook guilt vanished!

:: I enjoy the creative process. Writing, pondering what to write, taking photos to share, learning hotmail & trying new layouts, etc. It's all good.

:: I've met some incredible like-minded women! Yes, I did first think it odd, this online connection & friendship so to speak. But in my everyday life, I don't know many pastor's wives who homeschool and those who would understand the dynamics of that life. Or other Christian African-American homeschoolers...or women who understand this inner need of mine to create, create, create---but now I do, how cool is that!?

But this journal is only a snippet of my life, a snapshot. Reading here will help you to know me more, but it's not the full picture. Just what I choose to share. It's very sad, and a bit unnerving, when I read comments on other blogs blaming women for trying to be super perfect, super Mom, or holier-than-thou elitist. That is certainly not my intent here in this space. I am broken, human and my dishes and laundry do not always get done on time.

But this is also my 'happy place'---where I come to record joy, fullness, and goodness. It's a reminder to me that I am doing some things right and of the truly wonderful life that we enjoy, even with its challenges {which yes, I sometimes do journal about}. This blogging experience has grown much gratitude in my heart. It's not meant to compare or contrast with anyone else, so please don't take it that way! Agreed?

And yes, I have to pull myself away from the computer at times to do my work! The blogsphere is endless and enticing, and there is only so much time in my day for this pursuit. Like right now.....,'s time to go. See ya!

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