January 13, 2011

a new home for this journal

for all who have come across these pages,

ramblings of this servant's heart,

you are invited to continue the journey

at our new home.

I'll look for you there.

January 10, 2011


A few random thoughts today....

:: last week the whole family experienced some level of the first cold/flu of the season.  We were to start back to school, but days filled with fevers simply led us to take all things slowly--back on track this week!

:: my January goals are also dragging though I've gathered up items to list for sale.  

:: the blog is undergoing some changes this week, so if I'm not around much, no worries!  If all goes well, the design and content will be tweaked a little--exciting!

:: a few tea party napkins started last summer in need of finishing (a certain little girl would be most happy).  They've found their way into my 'to create' pile.

Whatever the week has brought you so far, I hope it's been good!



January 5, 2011


pausing today to give thanks....

for a toddler's smile and sloppy kisses

our son's pursuit of reading and writing skills (very intent this child)

our third girl's desire to create (so like her Mama she is!)

for a twelve-year old's efforts in study

watching the growth in our young adult daughter

being graced with her little guy's focused, yet sweet, personality.

In all this, Lord...I feebly attempt to give you praise.  Though a woman of words, combining 26 letters to share my heart with you often fails to express my gratitude.

So simply...

thank you.

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January 2, 2011

moving into 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm not one for resolutions and such, but I am goal oriented and a lover of lists.  So, it's exciting to be participating in a new venture!

Listing out THREE goals to meet every 30 days.  Each month, choosing three attainable goals and getting them done.  Yes, I like that.

There's a community feel to the project as others join in to encourage.  Overall, a great idea!

So, here are my goals for the month of January ~
:: get back on track with green smoothies daily (holiday feasting caused this to fall by the wayside; that's okay, but time to regroup!)

:: use the time budget I created with Tell Your Time (the goal is to be consistent, not perfect.  we will have days where flexibility is required)

:: list my 'to sell' items in the basement on craigslist (if I do not sell them in January, then I will give them away)


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