June 25, 2009

the best five cents

I have ever spent at a yard sale! for the cup, not the blueberries :)



June 24, 2009

crafting for the babe

It’s time to wrap up the crafting list for the little one!  The main motivation for working early through my ‘nesting’ {cleaning, sorting and organizing} was so that the last few weeks could be spent on projects that require sitting :: and pondering :: and just simply thinking about the baby.

Such as making washcloths and wipes; the latter is because we’ll cloth diaper and I learned the last time that it just makes sense to use cloth wipes as well.  Just a bit of flannel cut up and edges sewn.  The washcloths I’m inspired to make since the ones found at the store are just a bit too small for my liking.  When I get to them, they’ll be out of some soft terry cloth with a bit of bias tape around the edges. 



Even I’m impressed with the above paragraph because it sounds as if I sew often….hardly!  My 10-yr old has better sewing skills.  I’m really not into making clothing, unless it doesn’t require a pattern, so easy projects are more the style for me.  But there is just so much beautiful material out there, who can resist?

And yes, as I work, there’s lots of thinking about this new one to come and pondering the days ahead :: I’m trying to savor these last few weeks.


June 23, 2009

choosing home

At a recent extended family get-together, I had an interesting talk with a cousin. She and I had not been in touch directly for several years and as we caught up on life, the conversation led to the obvious topic of my rounding belly and child number five.

She asked the usual and common questions:

“Wow, how are you going to do it all? I have no idea how you do it already!”

“How many children are you going to have!?” {hmm, I’ve been wondering the same}

“Do you ever have time for yourself!?”

I was unprepared however for another statement made, albeit probably innocently; one that led to a bit of righteous indignation (I think it was righteous?) on my part.

“I wouldn’t want to live your life. No way.”

Deep breath. Another deep breath :: calm down right now self. Yes, good…good. Keep it holy.

Knowing the comment could be ignored and the topic switched, I instead chose to answer in what I hope was a testimony instead of a rebuke.


“You know, I’m living the life of my dreams. I’m not stuck in this and could do something different at any point. But I willingly chose this way and am very happy with my decision.”

I choose to be home. And even with its challenges, I appreciate the vision & direction my spouse provides for my role in our family. I did assure my now speechless cousin that this path may not be for every woman, and that many women would love the opportunity, but for a variety of reasons & life circumstances simply cannot. I am not a staunch believer in one-size-fits-all. But for me? This is my life, and I really, really enjoy it.

My little talk didn’t last long, though I probably could have expressed more thoughts. Shorter is often better and I didn’t want to deliberately offend. At the end of it all, the final words expressed were that I hope she is as happy in her life choices as I am in mine. She semi-nodded and we moved on to other topics.


Lord, may I continue to find contentment in my work and vocation. Let my heart not judge unfairly the actions & choices of others, but simply seek to serve You in all areas. I give to you this day—show me your glory here in this home, in this work.


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June 17, 2009

keeping busy

The children have been enjoying in style their summer vacation!

DSC_0011 :: putting on plays & skits for Mom & Dad

DSC_0131:: big boy “all-by-myself” riding at great-grandaddy’s house {Mama held her breath the whole time} 

DSC_0006:: rainy day projects like do-a-dot painting {found at most craft stores}

DSC_0272:: backyard water fun!

     DSC_0290  DSC_0292

:: wrapping up ballet lessons & practicing for the recital

DSC_0280:: keeping cool and looking cool

And then there’s camping pics, family get-together shots and time with cousins…but, that’s for another day!


June 1, 2009


okay, I completely & totally surrender to life all around me right now and take a bit of pause from blog land!

here’s an update~

:: my health is great overall, contractions have kept at bay—but tests did just reveal that gestational diabetes is now a part of this pregnancy journey at 31 weeks. I am bummed since watching carbs & sugars was already a part of my routine; just now will be even more so. I’ve already started re-adjusting meals & menus to fit this new reality.

:: THE LIST (things to do before baby arrives) has dwindled down to almost nothing, and I am grateful. de-cluttering top to bottom, spring cleaning and rearranging rooms have all taken place. the garage & shed need attention, but umm…that’s my hubby’s area! we’ve added to the pile of needs for the babe—blankets, clothing, car seat—the essentials are here.

:: this past weekend and the weekend before was full of family reunions on both sides, a birthday party for my father and lots of laughs as I caught up with relatives not seen for a while. much enjoyment, but both were out of town so we pack & unpack quickly.

:: only to re-pack this week as our family joins our church family for a camping weekend! oh, camping. you & I have an odd relationship do we not? it’s a low cost vacation break and this annual event is fun! if I just didn’t have to pack the whole house and kitchen sink up before Thursday {alright, that is a major exaggeration…but still}.

:: and I have to pick a few fresh strawberries right? I think that is going to get scratched off fairly quickly from this week’s priorities. *sigh*, we’ll see.

so, I slip away from this space for some time to focus on the tasks at hand. be back soon enough!

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