June 23, 2009

choosing home

At a recent extended family get-together, I had an interesting talk with a cousin. She and I had not been in touch directly for several years and as we caught up on life, the conversation led to the obvious topic of my rounding belly and child number five.

She asked the usual and common questions:

“Wow, how are you going to do it all? I have no idea how you do it already!”

“How many children are you going to have!?” {hmm, I’ve been wondering the same}

“Do you ever have time for yourself!?”

I was unprepared however for another statement made, albeit probably innocently; one that led to a bit of righteous indignation (I think it was righteous?) on my part.

“I wouldn’t want to live your life. No way.”

Deep breath. Another deep breath :: calm down right now self. Yes, good…good. Keep it holy.

Knowing the comment could be ignored and the topic switched, I instead chose to answer in what I hope was a testimony instead of a rebuke.


“You know, I’m living the life of my dreams. I’m not stuck in this and could do something different at any point. But I willingly chose this way and am very happy with my decision.”

I choose to be home. And even with its challenges, I appreciate the vision & direction my spouse provides for my role in our family. I did assure my now speechless cousin that this path may not be for every woman, and that many women would love the opportunity, but for a variety of reasons & life circumstances simply cannot. I am not a staunch believer in one-size-fits-all. But for me? This is my life, and I really, really enjoy it.

My little talk didn’t last long, though I probably could have expressed more thoughts. Shorter is often better and I didn’t want to deliberately offend. At the end of it all, the final words expressed were that I hope she is as happy in her life choices as I am in mine. She semi-nodded and we moved on to other topics.


Lord, may I continue to find contentment in my work and vocation. Let my heart not judge unfairly the actions & choices of others, but simply seek to serve You in all areas. I give to you this day—show me your glory here in this home, in this work.


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