June 1, 2009


okay, I completely & totally surrender to life all around me right now and take a bit of pause from blog land!

here’s an update~

:: my health is great overall, contractions have kept at bay—but tests did just reveal that gestational diabetes is now a part of this pregnancy journey at 31 weeks. I am bummed since watching carbs & sugars was already a part of my routine; just now will be even more so. I’ve already started re-adjusting meals & menus to fit this new reality.

:: THE LIST (things to do before baby arrives) has dwindled down to almost nothing, and I am grateful. de-cluttering top to bottom, spring cleaning and rearranging rooms have all taken place. the garage & shed need attention, but umm…that’s my hubby’s area! we’ve added to the pile of needs for the babe—blankets, clothing, car seat—the essentials are here.

:: this past weekend and the weekend before was full of family reunions on both sides, a birthday party for my father and lots of laughs as I caught up with relatives not seen for a while. much enjoyment, but both were out of town so we pack & unpack quickly.

:: only to re-pack this week as our family joins our church family for a camping weekend! oh, camping. you & I have an odd relationship do we not? it’s a low cost vacation break and this annual event is fun! if I just didn’t have to pack the whole house and kitchen sink up before Thursday {alright, that is a major exaggeration…but still}.

:: and I have to pick a few fresh strawberries right? I think that is going to get scratched off fairly quickly from this week’s priorities. *sigh*, we’ll see.

so, I slip away from this space for some time to focus on the tasks at hand. be back soon enough!

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