June 24, 2009

crafting for the babe

It’s time to wrap up the crafting list for the little one!  The main motivation for working early through my ‘nesting’ {cleaning, sorting and organizing} was so that the last few weeks could be spent on projects that require sitting :: and pondering :: and just simply thinking about the baby.

Such as making washcloths and wipes; the latter is because we’ll cloth diaper and I learned the last time that it just makes sense to use cloth wipes as well.  Just a bit of flannel cut up and edges sewn.  The washcloths I’m inspired to make since the ones found at the store are just a bit too small for my liking.  When I get to them, they’ll be out of some soft terry cloth with a bit of bias tape around the edges. 



Even I’m impressed with the above paragraph because it sounds as if I sew often….hardly!  My 10-yr old has better sewing skills.  I’m really not into making clothing, unless it doesn’t require a pattern, so easy projects are more the style for me.  But there is just so much beautiful material out there, who can resist?

And yes, as I work, there’s lots of thinking about this new one to come and pondering the days ahead :: I’m trying to savor these last few weeks.

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