November 24, 2009

feeding gratitude

As any parent knows, it’s an intentional act to foster the right attitudes and character traits in our children.  As we approach the celebration of Thanksgiving, encouraging a grateful spirit in my children has been a highlight the last week.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the resource A Child’s Book of Character Building which takes various traits such as honesty, diligence, or patience and with simple stories explains the importance from a biblical standpoint.  The easy-to-remember definitions are appreciated as well :: for example, thankfulness is defined as ‘being grateful and saying so’.  This book is one we’ll use again in future years.


We’ve also found some great Thanksgiving books to read!  A few of our favorites right now:

Give Thanks to the Lord

Thank You for Thanksgiving :: the fun rhyming text is great, also a wonderful way to tie together the holiday with the approach of Advent as the book emphasizes being grateful for the gift of Christ.

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving :: great family read-aloud or for older children

The Thanksgiving Bowl :: fun for preschoolers as well~Our almost 4-yr old and 1st grader loved this one!

Mary’s First Thanksgiving

The Legend of Squanto :: a Focus on the Family radio theatre CD that is excellent!  A story of triumph over tragedy that offers more of the Thanksgiving story.  This is our second year listening to this audio and it will probably be a tradition.


Hope you’re anticipating the week as we pause to give thanks!


photos :: some of the children’s crafting for the season



November 23, 2009

what we’ve been up to

DSC_0008DSC_0003 :: a bit of card making earlier in the season

DSC_0026 :: saying good-bye to the birds 

DSC_0048:: trying a new breakfast recipe, French Toast Cups 


DSC_0030  :: diligently working on academic skills

DSC_0037:: enjoying the natural world 

DSC_0230:: making faces


November 17, 2009

to sit a spell

We’re still here, I’m still around.  And here I am to sit a spell….whew.  To inhale & exhale deeply for a few minutes.

The past two weeks have been—wait—the past two months have been very full!  September and October are typically the busiest months of the year for our family and after a relaxing August, the pace of our life did indeed pick up a little speed, right into the start of November. 

I love this quote from John Wesley :: “Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry.  For I never take on more work than I can do with calmness of spirit.”


So, yes it’s been haste around here!  Place to go, people to see, things to plan, homeschooling, housework, church responsibilities and the list goes on…but I have not felt overly hurried.  Or rushed.  Without time to pause (though the ‘pausing’ was often shorter than I would have liked).  This season is over though and I am glad :: we anticipate the holidays, which for us is the most relaxing time of year. 

All that to say—I’m still here and hope to be posting more often!


photo credit


November 2, 2009

welcome november


October golds and reds are fading quickly from the trees, the air is frostier…

and we anticipate this new month. November, what do you bring and offer?

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