August 25, 2009

one step at a time

Yep, that’s my motto in these early baby days! “Just do the next thing…”

I’ve found myself very grateful for all of our efforts over the last few months to organize home life and ministry life so that we could take a break. To prepare homeschool plans and think through our fall schedule way ahead of time. It’s been completely worth it as all of August has been spent staring at little baby toes, kissing chubby cheeks, and taking hundreds of pictures. Literally. I love digital cameras.

The bliss of an unscheduled month has made postpartum recovery a smooth transition. I have rested, enjoyed other’s cooking, allowed extended family to help with cleaning and our older children, rested more and only left the house maybe three times? Wonderful, I tell you….wonderful.

DSC_0033Of course, that’s not always going to be my reality. The month of ‘nothing’ is coming to a rapid close. But I feel ready :: it’s time for the structure of ‘school days’ and the rhythmic routine of our weekly activities. And it will all start to ramp up next week and be full-blown after Labor Day. I’ll have to remind myself of the ‘one step at a time’ motto often I’m sure.

Until then, there’s a few more days of this month yet to enjoy and soak up :: to savor in the fullest. In fact, let me get to that right now….

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