August 7, 2009

reporting from baby land

{Thanks for the words of congratulations!!}

Oh my, we are most definitely in the bliss & throes of baby land around these parts—and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m currently typing while maneuvering little Jeremiah and a nursing pillow. Seems like I distinctly remember being better at this with the other children. Oh, well.

This little guy is a blessing to us all and so far quite a content babe. He has handled with ease the poking & prodding of his siblings, endless kisses to his forehead, and the level of noise here in our home. What a trooper!


And I’m handling with not as much ease, but working on it, the numerous questions from little minds. I forget that to them, everything is new and interesting…so patience is required! “Why is he crying? Maybe he wants me to hold him? Why does he sleep so much!? I think he needs a stuffed animal. Maybe he wants some juice? It’s MY turn to hold him!” There’s nothing like sibling concern. This little boy is truly loved.

I’m taking it all in and tucking away memories in my heart and mind. Precious days, these are.

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