July 31, 2008

Days of Food :: 9

It seems fairly customary for a person to prepare a feast, a banquet, a display of special foods for the one he or she loves. Even a look at a slice of biblical history will tell this story :: Sarah readied a delectable meal for her husband & the three honorable guests, Queen Esther made great accommodations and preparations to present her king & love with several banquets that were surely the talk of the town.

The priority of the father who was welcoming home his prodigal son was to pull out all the stops :: he summoned for a banquet and the choicest of meats to be prepared.

Jesus celebrated around the table often with his disciples :: on one occasion he set up a welcoming campfire and made ready a breakfast meal especially for those he loved.

One evening this past weekend, my husband and I fed the children a wee bit on the earlier side. Read stories and then tucked them into bed or just firmly asked them to stay in their rooms! And then we headed back downstairs for what we've labeled an 'in house date'. We began these early in our marriage simply because we didn't have the finances to go out for a meal; but we continue now--every once in a while--simply because we enjoy it. We both expressed that this should take place more often, it's such a special time.

The fondue set came up from the basement and pieces of steak were set to cook & when finished, we enjoyed this with a Caesar salad and baked potato {with an array of toppings to choose from!}. While we don't eat red meat often, it's a favorite of my love's, so I oblige.

Good food :: great conversation :: an evening to remember....

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