July 2, 2008

30 Days of Food :: day 1

Many of my posts are about food, I noticed. I do do enjoy cooking, but perhaps it's because food and the making and serving of it is such an integral part of home life. Of societies and cultures throughout history really. I find great joy in pouring through new recipes {when I have the time} :: and pictures of food being prepared or the final products are inspiring.

So this month, as part of a way to wind down from two months of busyness, I plan to pull out my cookbooks and attempt the recipes I've been tucking away for a time like this. And, I'll share what I'm up to here. Either the process or the product; or perhaps just the recipe, but I will try for lots of delicious pictures!

And, if you would like to see some larger-than-life and step-by-step photos of cooking in progress, check out a site I've listed in my sidebar. Yum!

Photo of the strawberry-rhubarb jam we made last week

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