June 27, 2008

Taking the Plunge

Diving in so to speak, feeling tremendously out of my comfort zone :: free falling?

No, no, I sense His hands carrying me, prompting and moving me forward.

Last month I wrote about when there are times certain passions and pursuits cannot be ignored simply because they are like taking a breath :: necessary for now. Not later in a different season of life, but making room in the present. Sacrificing other things. Because my Savior is asking me to respond.

How can I refuse and not accept though the journey is unclear? Actually, who am I to consider turning down the One who shaped and spoke these ideas into my heart?

For you, O Lord, I tentatively move forward.

Monday I have an appointment with an author friend :: in order to gain more knowledge of the process of publishing, to shine light on an uncertain path. Trembling heart and hands as I think of it.

Not the writing, this part I love. Our computer memory has primary space taken for the various thoughts, words compiled through the years. The attempt at publication is daunting, yet His grace abounds. And so I take the next step...then another after that...

It's time to take a leap of faith. Here I go :: and I welcome your prayers :: thank you.

Live the weekend to the fullest. Enjoy.

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