June 18, 2008

Celebrations Continue

One more big event to go! Graduation celebrations are behind us and now Jackie's blessing party is around the corner. Invitations have been made and sent~yes!

Our hope is to take an opportunity to surround our children with words of blessing, affirmation and wisdom from us and other adults at the ages of 13, 18 and before their wedding ceremony if they marry. We begin our children's lives with celebration, such as their baby dedication, first day of kindergarten, steps in spiritual growth; and we want to continue that practice beyond childhood and into adolescence & adulthood. Pausing, reflecting, taking in a little where they are in life and encouraging them toward the next step.

Celebrations were a big deal in my home growing up. I very much appreciate that we recognized not only birthdays and holidays, but also casual events or days as well. My father modeled this well and would often bring home my mother's favorite gum or candy or some little thing she enjoyed.

Just because.

My little girl heart and mind was impressed :: and it's shaped my thoughts on how I would like our family to celebrate each other. I have seriously dropped the ball on this at times and even recently--not recognizing enough the person or the event as important through their eyes. So it's an ongoing process of teaching myself to pay attention. And to take action.

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