June 25, 2008

Tuesday's Efforts

Yesterday was FULL of food, food, food! I headed out to the farmer's market and shopped for quite a bit of vegetables and fruits as we have company this weekend. Got some of the last local and homegrown strawberries, which are very deliciously yummy. Today we'll make a bit of freezer jam and try really hard to leave them be until some cold winter day. We can do it. I think.

And then last night was my monthly cooking night, which I've come to enjoy so much! With three other friends, we get together and make as many meals as $200.00 will get us {we each put in $50.00}. A different person coordinates each time, we meet at her house, and cook the night away. Stop for a snack, laugh a lot, and generally make a big mess. But, the host's kitchen is cleaned before everyone takes off. We set a record last night with 11 dinner meals and a cake for each of us! Woohoo!!

Now that to me is bargain shopping and cooking. I came home tired, but very pleased with my Tuesday.

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