June 11, 2008


Wow. I am really tired. Physically, yes...but also just needing to process the past month of life in our home and around us. We've had a busy month of exciting events, but good stress is still stress. And we've faced a few difficulties as well such as Josiah's hospitalization and my husband's brother being involved in a serious car accident.

So I pause this week to rest some. I've declared it my 'lazy week'! I know, laziness is not to be desired or sought after, and I'm doing neither. Just slowing the rhythm and pattern of routine in our life. Lots of staring out the window, reading and re-reading some books, googling random thoughts & ideas, tea...tea...tea, etc. Soaking up and refueling a bit before moving forward. Ahhh....sounds about right.

I enjoyed returning to the farmer's markets on Tuesday. We have a very, very large market{imagine a flea market style warehouse} where there are numerous vendors selling fresh produce, meat, baked goods, spices, pastas, and all other sorts of wares. I anticipate the trip all week!

Our family primarily enjoys the fruits and veggies available, though not everything is locally grown as of yet, but soon more will be. It gives me some sort of tiny pleasure knowing that we're directly supporting those who grow our food.

Yum, let me go & whip up something with all this delicious food...

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