May 1, 2008

The Wind is Blowing

Not the actual weather, but our family atmosphere and climate. It seems that at first a gust of busyness took over and then we've peacefully settled from that. But last week and this week, I'm simply unsettled by the blowing in of unplanned events!

Our youngest was hospitalized the last several days for difficulty breathing. It's trying to watch your children struggle and to wait patiently for their bodies to recuperate. Which it did, finally. Today I find myself tired (it's difficult to sleep on a hospital cot) and somewhat disoriented in trying to accomplish simple tasks. Such as remembering what day it is.

And yet, my heart swells up in gratitude:

61. for the exceptional beside manners of all of the hospital staff
62. for the quick response of our pediatrician and...
63. ...the availability and access to modern medicines

I have to pause here and say that I cannot imagine the plight of mothers around the globe who must sit, and with no hope of recovery, watch their child battle for physical strength. Their pain I do not pretend to understand, but my heart aches.

64. the prayers of the saints. we felt surrounded by a protective covering

65. the knowledge that I was not alone

66. the bold exclamations of His gentle scriptures

67. for several days this weekend in which there is no large agenda; we will use them to gather together and reconnect.

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