May 16, 2008

Too Much Stuff?

As part of Spring cleaning, I've been evaluating our children's 'stuff' lately. Their toys, their clothing, books, educational materials, etc. It has been a good process and also necessary. The question has not only been whether or not we have too much stuff, but how much is what we have getting used? Or sometimes, we simply have too many of the same kind of thing!

I do enjoy offering a variety of playthings though. The pursuit now is to offer primarily open-ended toys. The others have a place in our life too :: we like the computer games and other techno stuff that adds some spice. And of course things such as puzzles and certain games are great.

The children have been involved in the process and yes, we've carted off some boxes and bags to give away. Now, the temptation will be to replace some of the missing items, but we're learning to be content with a bit of simplicity.

If you haven't seen it already, this video about stuff is food for thought.

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