May 2, 2008

A Do-Again Field Trip

Yes! We would do this field trip all over again. I'm (Janelle) going to report since I probably have the most to say {don't laugh those who know me!}.

The trip to the White House complex was a great experience! I felt so important and honored to be walking around where the offices of some very prestigious people are. Security is a really big deal! Here we are getting our badges to enter:

Well, yes. The whole briefing was a bit over my head, but I caught on to one major thing: not everyone finishes high school and there are more dropouts than ever!! I was really so shocked! I guess at nine-years old you don't know everything. Typical to my nature Mom says, I told my Dad that we needed to do something. Of course, that was the reason for him being there.

We had the opportunity to hear Alma Powell speak, wife of Colin Powell. She spoke on the fact that even though some kids are graduating, they may not be ready for college. I thought she was a great speaker & seemed to know what she was talking about. Yeah! Got to grab a picture with her:

And, we really were SO close to the White House, right on the same grounds. Here is a peek outside of the window on the floor where we were:

Overall, it was good to be there. I need to think a bit more about what I can do because I feel the need to DO something. My parents said I can start by graduating from high school. Ha! Ha!

I came home and wrote a mini report on all I saw and experienced and some of my ideas. Maybe I'll share them at some point!

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