May 16, 2008

I'm a BIG BOY!

So, I've been trying to tell everyone that I'm growing up. Josiah is no longer a baby. Hmmmm, not too sure that they have been listening, so I felt the need to demonstrate my maturity.
I climbed out of the crib.
I can't fully describe the exhilarating feeling of escape! The look on Mommy's face after she heard little feet running around and finding me sitting at the top of the stairs Mastercard would say....priceless. I kinda was aiming for the shock effect.
I simply said "Hi Mommy!! I'm a big boy!!"
So off went the crib. At 2.5 yrs old, I think Mommy needs to let go and release me into full-blown toddlerhood. I got to help Daddy take the crib down:

And now, my big boy bed is on the floor. I am SO happy!!

the red, white & blue blanket is one Janelle made for me before I was born. Thank you Janelle.

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