May 16, 2008

Bittersweet Moments

Pitter, patter...

Pitter, patter...of little feet running across the floor, when he should be in his crib?

{Sigh}. He's growing up and this Mama trying to accept the excitement and sadness at the same time. Can I sigh again? Because I love the baby and infant days. Sure, sure, not the wakeful nights :: but the smallness & utter dependence, infant yawns, nursing that precious little body, sweet baby bathtimes...all of it.

And after four rounds, it's come to a close.

Oh, so bittersweet.

82. the privilege of rocking

83. feeding and nursing

84. bathing and playing with

85. and staring for endless hours into the eyes of

86. four precious, beautiful children

Have a blessed weekend.

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