May 6, 2008

Time with God

After skimming through this book recently, I've been wondering & thinking on the idea of 'spending time with God' and the expectations of how this is to take shape in our lives. I'll say first that I truly do believe that time set apart and specifically dedicated to pausing life and listening for His voice has a place in our lives.

However, I've been challenged in my thoughts.

The author asks the question: have we come to believe that God is only found in the isolated place? That His words of direction, of wisdom, or of comfort can only be heard when we've walked away from our daily rhythms and secluded ourselves?

I enjoy quiet. I find the most energy, emotional fuel and yes, spiritual renewal from being alone for a bit, and then I can more fully enjoy the company of others. So the time spent in quiet moments, I protect and relish {and they are sometimes few in a our full family life}.

But what about when this cannot always happen?

Should we feel guilty that we didn't have a 'quiet time' with the Lord? A secluded, set apart & daily practice? I cannot tell how many times I've led women's Bible studies and heard from numerous voices the shame, the guilt...the pain felt of not living up to a particular standard.

And my heart would shudder some at the possible ripple effects of this thinking. Thoughts I've battled with as well.

I've been pondering the past month. God speaks to me so much in the everyday :: His voice and presence are all around me as I accomplish the tasks of laundry, enriching little hearts and minds, and changing diapers. He's in my everyday practices and wants to meet me there as well. I believe his desire is for my eyes to see the 'living parables' as the author puts it, in my routines.

No separation of the sacred and the secular. No guilt. Only listening closely and watching carefully for Him :: in the everyday.

So, while I'm not up for debate, I'm open to your thoughts. Similar or otherwise. Or the thoughts of others if you think there's interest; feel free to link to this post.

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