May 23, 2008

A Bit of Embroidery

Remember I was trying to figure out what to do with the scraps of fabric I couldn't resist at Joanne's? Well, I'm still not sure exactly, but have begun snipping and placing fabric here and there and doing a bit of embroidery.

In the search for some tutorials on the subject, I came across some sweet sites. Embroidery fans may already know these well, but here we go anyway:

I really like these designs from Homeberries. Definitely am going to try a few of these animals on a shirt of Josiah's.

Needle n' Thread has a large video library of how to sew all kinds of stitches!

And Pattern Bee contains many, many vintage patterns.

While still enjoying papercrafting and scrapbooking {though I'm sooo very far behind}, the pleasure of embroidery is found in the fact that I can take it anywhere. No hauling of lots of supplies or other items, just a little bag. Very nice.

In other news, gratitude expressed in so many ways:

87. anticipating a full and fun weekend with my husband's extended family

88. for ample finances to meet our needs

89. and finances to dip into our 'wants'

90. having wrapped up another year of homeschooling

91. and feeling very good about it! {can I hear an amen from the homeschooling mamas!?}

92. for a greater understanding that success in that area is not solely measured by achievement testing, grades and the like. while helpful, it's not our only standard.

have a blessed and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

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