April 29, 2008

I Love My Dad's Job

Well, at least one of my dad's 'occupations' since he also is one of the pastors in our church. Janelle here writing to say that I LOVE my dad's other job as an educational consultant. Want to know why? When he travels, I can sometimes go along to some really cool places.

So this morning I find out that I'm going TO THE WHITE HOUSE tomorrow! Woohoo!!

Okay, actually it's the White House complex, but it's just about the same thing right?

We'll be attending a policy briefing on "The Dropout Epidemic in the U.S." Whoa. Sounds very important and Mom says that even if it's over my head, I should pay attention. And, I may get to meet Colin Powell's wife who is speaking. There will only be about 100 attendees, so maybe I'll get a shot at a picture or something! It all seems very intriguing to me and I'm very excited to go! We even had to send in my full name, SSN and date of birth for security reasons and have to show up early to get checked out.

This is definitely a super cool field trip. I'm going to try and convince Jackie to go along as well, since permission was given for both of us to attend. I'll tell you more about it & post pictures if I can get any. Tootles!
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