April 23, 2008

A Good Day

I promise that my future posts won't all begin with 'a good....'

This has been a difficult week; yes, it's only Wednesday, but I'm feeling like it's been a full week already. In order not to succumb to the topsy-turvy and completely unreliable compass of my emotions, I decided today to combat the stress with a few of my favorite things....
51. my life verse, read and talked about at our wedding. hmmm, I might even pull out the video to hear it live. I reviewed the entire chapter this morning :: excellent for restoring perspective and focus.
52. taking pictures of the loveliness and stopping to notice the beauty

53. creating with my children :: laughing, sharing, & talking all along

54. books, books, books! a trip to the library to find more treasures to read together
55. a cup of tea. haven't had it yet, but maybe tonight after the children are tucked in
56. a phone call to my husband (also yet to be done); he's traveling & it will be good to hear his voice
57. trying out a new recipe :: homemade hamburger rolls. we'll soon discover how they taste!
58. encouraging music :: praise hymns, relaxing vocals and instrumentals
59. a short walk around the neighborhood, checking out what others are planting :o)
60. His voice. listening for it & pausing to hear the whispers

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