April 8, 2009

visual homemaking journal

Finally.  After about only several years of trying to discover which method of organization would work for me in helping to bring calm to the chaos--where to place & record all of my note-taking, menu-planning, random thoughts of things to be done, upcoming events to prepare for, funnies out of my babes’ mouths~you get the picture--

I finally have found restA visual home journal.


Though started in the fall, I didn’t want to post until there was a strong conviction that it would actually work for me.  See, I’ve tried a w-i-d-e variety of ‘helps’.  It finally dawned on me that while my main mode is to be organized and to have a place for everything {not that it stays there always}, I did not enjoy a rigid system of organizing my days & weeks.  Electronic or computerized helps?  Nope, didn’t click with me.  Making lists on paper was preferred, but where to put all of those pieces of paper & post-it notes?

We have a family calendar with wide spaces, enough for writing down appointments & places to be when.  And I definitely have a way of keeping track of homeschool records & papers.  Almost everything else now goes into the home journal~and what fun it has been!


This method first appealed to me because of another problem I faced~where to put the various magazine pages that found their way into a stash of ‘pictures that I love’.  Now, I happily tear, cut & paste them into a notebook :: a notebook that holds my church to-do lists, my random doodles (or my children’s), home life to-do lists, cards to send, birthdays to plan, craft ideas, quotes I don’t want to forget…oh, just about whatever!  For some this could seem too random & unorganized.  I understand, but it’s simply how my mind works.

And, since I have a huge need to create on a regular basis, this organizational tool feeds that appetite when there is not time for other crafting or new-recipe-trying.  Really, just tear & paste!  Quick and simple.


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