April 20, 2009

unbroken circle

In the rush of the weekend, him preparing quickly and leaving for one direction, to share a slice of time with other men in our congregation…being renewed spiritually,

and me preparing with haste also for another direction, list in hand marking off tasks as I anticipate a brief pause from daily life to enjoy the rise and fall of instrument sounds,

we both eagerly looked forward to our ‘retreats’, the previous week had offered little for such withdrawal…

and in the passing of time, I forget to mark the day. April 17th.

Not an event to be written on the calendar, just a remembrance in my heart. An anniversary of sorts :: the day he asked me. To marry him. Each year we celebrate in some fashion our wedding date, sometimes with great fanfare and other seasons of life required a far more simple recognition. But April 17th has been my own special observance and I quietly, without really sharing the news, remembered that day many moons ago by wearing only my engagement ring…just for the day.DSC_0007

Through the years I’ve been twice congratulated on my upcoming wedding, only to explain to strangers this silly little ritual of mine, spoken as a passing commitment in the first year of marriage, but actually a practice that stuck. Tears flowed from one cashier, & she behaved as if I had just given over a large sum of money for personal use. Bless her.

So after reconnecting and sharing stories from our times away, I approached the calendar last evening to prepare mentally for the week ahead, make lists and the like. Then only to remember, a few days late.

But no real grief over such a small matter :: I will take today to reminisce, to think back. And for just one day to wear the first part of my love-gift, this unbroken circle of gold.

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