April 1, 2009

preparing our hearts


{repost from the archives}

Oh Lord, I still cannot fathom or understand the breadth and width of your sacrifice.

When my mind tries to grasp the infinite measure of your love, I am captivated by this one thought: it is impossible to understand.

So I simply believe that it’s true. That you, the Holy and Blameless One, because of such a great love came here among us and lived in the finite constraints of human flesh and emotions.

And died and rose again. For His glory. For humanity.

Thank You, my friend. Thank You.


Preparations for celebrating Easter week are off to a start around here. This year I want to focus with the children on the generosity of God. That the Father would give His Son as a sacrifice is huge!, a very big gift to us. So we too must be generous, sharing & giving to others :: we’re brainstorming ideas of how to demonstrate that; this list, also in my side bar as ‘acts of kindness’ has been helpful.

I like the book, The First Easter, for young ones.

This site has lots of ideas for celebrating in various ways each day from Palm Sunday to Easter morning. Devotions for families, craft ideas, and much more.

Our family pauses on Maundy Thursday (the Last Supper) to celebrate with a Seder meal~a highly sensory & hands-on retelling of the first Passover and then rejoicing in the coming of the Messiah to earth {a viewpoint that we have added}. This is a treasured family tradition and as the children have grown, they are able to help prepare the food—yes! For the younger two in our home, I’m reading The Story of Passover in preparation.

Whatever your family or individual traditions are, elaborate meals or simple recognition of the season…pause & take time to know more of Him. To see afresh with new spiritual eyes, the gift that is Jesus!

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