April 24, 2009

thought to ponder

"True simplicity consists not in the use of particular forms, but in foregoing over-indulgence, in maintaining humility of spirit, and in keeping the material surroundings of our lives directly serviceable to necessary ends, even though these surroundings may be properly characterized by grace, symmetry, and beauty." ~Book of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, Adopted by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1927

Oh, I LOVE this quote!!  I came across it today while searching out a recipe.  I’ll be chewing on this one for a few days.  The weekend holds for us hopefully some simple times, some crafting with the children, dinner with friends—laughter & catching up, lots of sunshine and excellent weather, yard sales, gathering with other believers and naps.  I need naps!

May your weekend be enjoyable.

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