December 16, 2008

still here...

A quick hello to everyone!

I'm still here though not posting as often :: thanks for the words of encouragement and of prayers, what a blessing! Just to answer a question or two about my pregnancies--yes, I usually do become very sick in the first 16 or so weeks. It's a challenge, but this round has already been different. I'm not dehydrating and am able to hold down some food and small amounts of liquids at a time. Ginger tea is a dear friend of mine, and life has just taken on a slower pace to accommodate.

I hope your December is moving along and that whatever preparations for Christmas and celebrating you've planned are coming to pass with ease. I'll be back here in this space soon, probably every other day or something. We'll see. And, I need to make some blog stops and see what you all are up to. Enjoy your Tuesday!
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