December 1, 2008


Welcome December....

The calendar releases yet one more month in anticipation of the last for this year. And here I sit with pen poised above square boxes all lined in rows, ready to write in family events, social activities, appointments and the like. Ready to fill the containers that mark our time, this calendar.

But I pause today and ask....
What do you want to write in, Master? I anticipate duties & tasks, celebration as well. Yet I come to ask for the agenda that my planning has not considered. The invisible to my eye, but felt by my heart script that your hand is writing, impressing upon me.

Show me Lord, so that this month is prioritized according to your will for us. Marking time is not the goal, perfect scheduling and planning not the most important....

I want to anticipate Emmanuel, God with me.

As we celebrate your coming to this earth, let my life welcome you each moment and allow you to come :: to speak & write your script into my days.
As I go about the necessary tasks of organizing our home life, fill me with an awareness of Emmanuel, so that my steps mirror yours for me.
It's Advent. I anticipate and welcome your coming. Not just then, but now.

{photo credit to stock.xchng}
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