December 22, 2008

merry merry

The excitement around here is at an all-time high!

For our family, we start celebrating monthly birthdays in July :: so by the time December arrives, and we've wrapped up our son's birthday...we're more than ready to celebrate the coming of Christ to earth! Josiah has been walking around this week singing 'Happy Birthday to Jesus' numerous times--very sweet.

While we know it's not the exact day or even season of Christ's actual birth, we stand in awe that He came. And that we are the recipients of such a gift!

Well, this December has certainly been different :: while we're excited about the new babe to be in our family, sickness has also changed plans. So, how do you enjoy the season anyway? Go to Plan B~

:: let the children decorate the house! They're old enough right? So, I have to hold my tongue when about 30 random items {holiday decor and other} line my mantel after our 5 year-old finishes her contribution. She even asked for a picture to be taken of it. Gotta do that. Really, I will.

:: let hubby do our Christmas cards. Okay, that's a joke. He always does our cards to close family, friends and our church family. What a guy.

:: accept help from others. This used to be really hard for me, but I've learned that we were created to be interdependent, created to give and to receive. In humility, we've welcomed the offers to take our children out for a bit or to bring over a meal.

:: let the rest go! We can eventually make treats for the birds, finish some crafts, and pick up our other subjects in schoolwork outside of language arts and math {what I like to call bare-bones homeschooling}.

Right now is a time for celebrating His coming, gathering close as a family & enjoying the togetherness, and for giving thanks for all that we've enjoyed through the year. We've been blessed. I'd like to remember this season not as one that was frenzied, but one that was joyful.

Merry Christmas!
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