December 4, 2008

december crafting

Decision, decisions! I certainly need to make some. There are way too many craft ideas in my head right about now :: definitely time to get a little realistic. But until then {smile!}, aren't those birdy stamps above so sweet? They're from Martha Stewart's line at Michael's art stores, simply lovely. They should be a priority this month don't you think?
And, here's a project I'm a little behind on as this was meant to be finished in time for Josiah's birthday....two days ago, oops! Fortunately, he won't mind or a Christmas gift it shall be.

A wooden block puzzle! I took books that we've read so much the pages we're worn & then cut and pasted those pages onto wooden cubes. Mod Podge was used as an adhesive and I also put another layer of that on top of the pictures. I have four sides done, so only two more! This idea came from somewhere on the web, but I can't remember exactly where I first saw it.
And then there are crafts I would like to do with the I said, time to prioritize!

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