December 5, 2008


I'm feeling random and a bit scattered this morning, as has been pretty much my week. I think it was the Thanksgiving holiday, enjoying time with Nana (grandma) who came to visit for several days, birthday celebrations and just other that has the last two weeks turned upside down. We need to get back on track with our schooling as my children currently believe we're on an eternal break! But, it has been a very fun two weeks as well.

Let's see....

:: I've updated the sidebar lists of books we're enjoying!

:: I've been cooking up a storm {southern terminology} this week freezing meals so that the rest of the month feels lighter--casseroles, enchiladas, quiche are a few--yum! Today I'll make some soups and breads.

:: sometime today I plan to sit and enjoy a cup of tea in my favorite mug.

:: laundry needs to be caught up, but I'm really not looking forward to that as it's my least favorite chore. I'd rather be cooking!

:: though my weekend has several plans already--a baby shower, cantata practice at church & a performance Sunday--I will squeeze in quiet moments around it all. Somehow!

hopefully, you will enjoy some peace in this season as well. a peace-filled weekend to you....
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