October 7, 2008

tired of apples

yep, I'm done with apples.

Many quarts of applesauce line our basement shelves. And this year I decided to try a freezer recipe for apple pie filling and made enough for ten pies. And we still held a few out for eating now.

Did I mention that the cherubs {a.k.a. my wonderful children} who didn't quite pick the apples I wanted them to also picked over 100 pounds!? Long story....somehow I thought our friends who joined us were taking a bit of the stash so it's not a complete case of me not keeping my children in line. And what can you say to the farm, 'can we put a few back please'? My 5 yr-old suggested that we tape them back on the tree.

I know we'll be grateful this winter, but for now, I don't want to see apples for a while.
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