October 28, 2008


Using the fading glory of this year's leaves to provide nutrients for next year's planting :: the girls enjoyed preparing the soil as we all worked outdoors to get our garden plot ready for Spring planting...a long way off, but preparations must be made! After paying higher prices for various produce this summer, I decided it was high time we got a bit more serious about planting at least some of the staples--lettuce, tomatoes, peppers & other salad fixings. We need to add more 'browns' to this bit of land in hopes to balance out the pH.

I had to chuckle some while posting these pictures :: my daughters are so very different! One was completely decked out with sparkly purple gloves {it really wasn't that cold}, tights and a headband. The other content to just put on the basics. But they both love the outdoors.

My firstborn? College-at-home-freshman? Not as much. But we forgive her, because she made us these:

With a bit of glaze, they were just right. And she double-batched and froze some for upcoming winter mornings. Her contribution to our preparation days!

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