October 18, 2008

quick update & prayer request

I'll be missing a few more days as we try and regroup from my youngest being hospitalized the last several days. Again. Three times in fifteen months and the physicians are labeling asthma as the culprit :: hesitant because they normally wait until a child is over the age of five to make a final diagnosis.

Given our son's issues and the severity of the out-of-the-blue and no warning major attacks that he's experienced, we've received a mini-class on asthma from the respiratory therapist and a boatload of information and thoughts about meds. He's on a few now because it's necessary, but I've already started researching how to combat this a bit more naturally as much as possible. I am grateful for modern medicine and yet also want to allow our son's little body to heal without so many side effects. Daunting indeed given his condition....

Be back soon. Please pray for grace, healing for Josiah, strength, and wisdom.

{by the way, any information is appreciated!}

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