October 21, 2008

focus & balance :: homeschooling

Being cooped up in the hospital gave me plenty of time to think :: well, after my hyper-from-the-meds two year-old settled down for a nap!

Each year of homeschooling I ask God to give me a focus, a word of encouragement that would be tucked away and be a rallying point throughout the year. In the past there have been encouragements to 'love them lavishly' or 'explore more of who they are' or even specifics on certain subjects. So this year I was a tiny bit unsettled starting our year without a fresh & new focus, but I simply waited on Him. Okay, a tad impatiently, but I did wait.

Homeschooling was really the last thing on my mind while waiting for my little guy's lungs to settle, so when the encouragement came during prayer to 'teach the basics well', I almost missed it! Now I know that doesn't sound profound, however I've also learned that the hardest thing for a homeschooling Mama to do is...well...

....to stay home.

There are so many great activities & exciting classes to participate in, and we do a little of those since they provide for a variety of needs that we deem important. Oh, but it's too easy to become distracted! And each year or even each semester, I feel the tug. So I am grateful for the 'holy reminder' to make the basics the highlight, the big deal. As I think through this more, you may hear additional thoughts on the topic!

photo credit: stock.xchnge

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