October 12, 2008

If you haven't seen it yet....


....you should consider it. The stories and heart cries of marriages being renewed are shared from around the United States. It's a movie that is impacting the box office and attracting attention when no one was sure it would.

And I find myself amazed at a church committed to impacting this form of media :: a venue that is so inundated with less desirable viewing material. My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a free preview of the film in August and then later went again with over 25 other couples from church. Here on the home front we're hearing stories of brokenness being redeemed and love igniting afresh.

And Kirk Cameron does a great job! At the preview we appreciated hearing behind-the-scenes stories, and I'll share one. Kirk play a fireman & husband whose marriage is failing and a volunteer actor from the church plays the part of his wife. At the end, when they begin to reconcile, he kisses her. Unknown to some, Kirk has a standard of not showering any other woman but his real wife with full-on-the-mouth kisses. And she was the one to play the double in that scene! That was my favorite tid bit of info among all the ones we heard.

I pray that marriages will continue to be impacted.
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