September 2, 2008

Days of Food :: 14

I finally went grocery shopping :: even I will confess that it was a bit overdue. A collective sigh could probably be heard from my dear family as they opened pantry & refrigerator doors yesterday. It's been a desperate situation, well, at least according to a few members in our home.
But before an excursion to the produce market and grocery store, and when things have gotten a little scarce...I play this game in my head.

"We have plenty of food in this house!"

"Why, I probably don't need to shop for another few days, maybe even a few weeks!!"

Um yeah, it's pretty silly. But it's just something I do; got it from my mother I think.

So imagine my family's delight when I pulled off this meal. Something from nothing {again, according to them}! Tostadas topped with refried beans, shredded chicken, onions, cheese, lettuce & sour cream. There was just a little bit of each item to make this work; then I added a side of the last two boxes of Spanish rice found deep in the pantry.

For those who may not know, tostadas are basically flat tacos. Take a tortilla (corn works best) & spray with oil and bake until crispy or simply fry them in an inch or two of oil. Since I was talking to my sister while trying to cook ours, mine came out a wee bit darker than the norm. So much for multi-tasking. Oh well, they were delicious. And my mother would be proud!

This week I hope to try out new recipes & review some of our favorites. One claims to be the best blueberry muffins ever, there's the black bean salsa that I swoon over, and an herbal iced tea that uses no sugar and calls for only 3 ingredients. It's gonna be a yummy few days!

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