August 28, 2008

Days of Food :: 13

Some favorite cookbooks today!

I really like books...all kinds, especially those with pictures of the finished product of a great recipe. I've been known to whittle away time at Barnes n Nobles or Borders just browsing and reading through cookbooks while sipping a spiced tazo chai latte!

Even though I enjoy them, there are not many cookbooks on my shelf {sigh}. A few of my favorites through the years and that don't get tossed into a give-away box:

Simply in Season is part of a World Community Cookbook series. I also own a few others in the series.

Extending the Table--I love this one! Recipes from Botswana, Poland, Mexico, the Phillipines and many other countries. The intriguing part are also the stories & quotes from around the world. I simply like reading this cookbook {and guess what, it has very few pictures & none of the actual recipes--and I still think it's great.}

For children:
We found this book at a yard sale and what fun it is! Pretend Soup is a great early cookbook for preschoolers and is tailor-made for this age group. Easy to follow pictures (illustrated, not photos) of each step.
Now it's counterpart Honest Pretzels, for ages 8 & up, is on our wish list.
And, if you need a reference on when to feed what foods to an infant/toddler and making baby food, let me recommend the Super Baby Food book. I still use info out of this one.
And there are the faithfuls like Betty Crocker, Southern Living annuals, Martha Stewarts, etc. I just keep checking those out of the library. I'd love to hear any cookbook favorites of yours!

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