August 8, 2008


I'm heading off for a few days...


to rest.

Per my husband's initiation, each August I am to take a few days of personal retreat for the purpose of physical rest and spiritual rejuvenation. Last year when he began this tradition, I must admit that my response was resistance at first. Could I leave it all and pause? Wasn't there work to do?

Yes, there is always plenty of 'work' to do. Our lives are full with caring for the children, ministry responsibilities, caring for our own covenant relationship, activities, people to visit, places to be...oh, the list goes on! While our daily and weekly rhythm of family life is far from chaotic or haphazard, it is full.

And that fullness often takes a toll. A good friend once shared with me a very wise tip :: there is good stress {such as planning graduation celebrations for my daughter} and bad stress {we all understand this kind}, but it's all stress to our minds and bodies. Simple and true. So while I enjoy my life and the intricate design of how it all fits and works together :: and while I've thoroughly been blessed by the activities of the last several months, our homeschooling year, and our opportunity to serve in the church...I realize the wisdom of my protector when he commands me to rest.

Yes, commands! It's not an option he says :: this going away and taking in the quiet. And truly, gratitude rises up within me for this man who understands my need and provides, even when I question.

So, I submit and away I go! Journal, a few good books including the Word, a few clothing essentials and an attitude of expectancy. Blessings to each of you and I'll be back in this space after returning and then reconnecting with my family.

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