August 22, 2008

Being Present

One very beneficial aspect of my time away was the practice of being present. Of keeping to the moment at hand and avoiding the trap of mentally staying one step ahead. You know how that goes :: writing a to-do list as breakfast is being eaten :: feeding the children lunch while planning for dinner :: keeping an eye on dinner cooking while making a phone call and thinking through the activities of the evening. And on and on the story goes.

There is not judgment in my voicing the path of multi-tasking. Frankly, I believe it is often necessary! But the pitfall is that we can find ourselves living in this mode most of the time and applying it to all aspects of our lives.

Such as to our relationships.

For example, have you given thought to the effort that it takes to listen? To really set aside all other mental activity and to fill our minds and hearts with the words being spoken by the one sharing them? To be present for them and truly demonstrating care, concern or whatever support may be needed?

As I ponder my own ability to do this well, there is a flood of thankfulness for those who bless me with ardent, gracious attention---even this week. When words did not merely fall from my lips & to the ground, but instead were absorbed by ones who genuinely listened. Who were being present on my behalf.

Oh, gratitude, gratitude....thanking HIM for such friends.

I'll be back to the food theme soon. May your weekend be enjoyable!

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