September 8, 2008


That wasn't hard at all! If you look closely, you'll find it. See it as you scroll down.

I've combined our blogs! Our schooling & life with the children blog began a year ago with really no intention of doing anything beyond that. Then the idea of a personal blog had me starting 'Domestic Serenity' back in January.

I love both blogs and keeping up with them has been really enjoyable, a creative outlet. But really, isn't it all one life? All of it my life here on the home front :: the domestic pursuits, the homeschooling, the children's funny antics or updates, our family life in general? After a bit of thinking of how to simplify time spent online each day, it was like a 'duh' moment. Yes, yes, it's all a part of this one-pieced life I'm trying to live, so let me put it all in one place!

Like I said...'duh'.

Plans are to clean it up some and merge the side bar information as well into a more pleasing format. But first, some cooking coming up soon!

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