September 17, 2008

His Favorites

A list of Josiah's (age 2.5) current favorites:

1. Five Little Monkeys video on YouTube. Asked for numerous times in a week :: allowed several times a week!

2. Painting! Fingerpainting at the table or using brushes at the easel...'can we have painting today Mommy?' is daily question.

3. 'Painting' on the computer when Mommy allows it. Click to change colors, press the space bar to start over.

4. Music! Playing the piano is definitely a favorite and keeps him occupied. Currently, this CD checked out from our library is the one asked for all of the time. Scroll down for samples on the left sidebar :: 'Five String on my Banjo' sends Josiah into a fit of giggles.

5. Water play :: great entertainment when it's necessary for Mom to be doing table work with the girls, but Josiah needs to be close by. Messy, but great.

6. Being outdoors...such fun.

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