September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn!

Yes! I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of fall. Last week the weather cooled and got me all happy and then it warmed up again {sigh}. Soon enough the days will stay on the lower end of the thermometer. Having grown up on the Gulf Coast of Texas, I didn't really experience seasons as we do here in the north. So the releasing of one season in exchange for the next brings out the kid in me. Happy 1st day of autumn to you whatever the weather in your area.

Opting for a farm that had pumpkins & gourds available instead tromping through a real pumpkin patch, the three kiddos and I selected a few for decor around our home and yard. And then to make some pies of course. The girls carefully studied each one before choosing, while my son ran around yelling 'so many pumpkins!' or 'look Mommy...another pumpkin!!'. I think they were happy to see us go?

It was a wonderful way to usher in the fall season.....
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