February 27, 2009

sound bites

a potpourri of funnies this week~

on the home front...
:: our 6-yr old told me yestereday "I don't think I should get married Mom." After I questioned her as to why she had that thought, her answer? "I don't think I could push a baby out!!"

:: I often comment to our toddler son, age 3, on how he is growing up and my affirmation of this. This week, he came up to my rounding belly, patted it and with a huge smile, sent some love my way~"You are growing SO big Mommy! I am very proud of you!"

:: this week was the celebration of our wedding anniversary. The night before, our oldest daughter excitedly asked me of any plans for the next day. At that moment, her brother accidentally spilled food on the floor and as I began to clean it up, my comment~ "Sweetheart, I'll probably be doing exactly what you see me doing right now." {okay, we were able to go out for a bit & enjoy some quiet}.

among our community....
:: at our homeschool co-op this week another Mom lamented about how she was struggling with various aspects of schooling & her children. When asked what she thought the main issue was, her comment~ "Somehow I thought just because I was homeschooled that it would be easier to homeschool my own children!!"

So, have you taken time to laugh this week, to enjoy the humor in the midst of the demands of life? It's really always there, seek it out and enjoy!
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